Floods rock south U.S., thousands of homes damaged

car2Triggering flooding across the lower Mississippi valley, some people were killed after drowning thunderstorms moved through Louisiana and Mississippi.

Meteorologists said that rainfall reached two feet in some areas, killed three people in Louisiana and one in Oklahoma. According to emergency management officials 2 fishermen were missing in Mississippi.

President Barack Obama stated flooding in Louisiana a major disaster on Sunday, providing aid for victims. Louisiana’s emergency management office said some 5,000 homes had already been damaged.

The Louisiana National Guard said it had rescued more than 3,295 citizens and 316 pets. Some 1,300 guardsmen responded to flooding in more than 25 parishes, conducting evacuations, search and rescue by vehicle, boat and helicopter, and providing security and shelter.
As per the state emergency agency scores of roads and bridges were closed throughout the region at the weekend. In Mississippi, almost 400 homes suffered damage from the rainfall and flooding.